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Getting emptier

The Move..

Ian’s packing up and soon it’ll just be me here in the office, frantically working to get this damn PS2 demo out. It’s getting a bit spooky.

still alive…

… but only just; it’s been a mad milestone couple of weeks and is now being followed by mad build-a-playable-demo week. So excuse me if I haven’t stuck my head above the parapet for a while.


And I’ve got a week off! The world is my mollusc, think of the things I can do! Create new and astonishing works of art! Dazzle the world with feats of casual programming! Meditate peacefully in the beautiful Welsh countryside!

Actually, the exclamation point in that last one seems inappropriate. I’m hoping to do a bit of all those – I want to get out and do some photography, maybe work on some of my piano pieces too. There’s a little tile-based puzzle game that might go down well on XBox Live’s Marketplace I want to finish the prototype of, and sitting and relaxing might also be a good idea.

What I certainly won’t be doing is spending all my time playing Oblivion and Halo 3.

Oh no.

In the news again…

Broadsword are in the news again – well, the Mid-Wales news. Nice gurn, Dave! And who’s that in silhouette in the background? Could the hair be a clue?

Anyway, yes, new project – should be quite a fun one, although it’s driving me frantic at the moment playing the Refactoring Earlier Work game.

meaningful error message

Well, I know what it means.

Coder clones!

Don’t you just hate it when you arrive at the office and some tart is wearing the same outfit?

briefly surfacing…

having submitted one project (the golf game mentioned earlier) and about to start work on the full TDD for another. Hello everyone!

another hard day at the office

And I’m at work again, trying to get the epic golf game finished off. One day I’ll tell you all about it, but right now the wounds are too fresh…

Oh, the RSS feed should be working again. Sorry about that, I changed a template specification and forgot to change the template use in the RSS page as well as the main page. Oops.

O noes!

Our effervescent, life-affirming Lizzie (that’s her on the left) is leaving! We’ll never cope. As Harry says, "She’s like a spare mum!"

On the right is Sarah, who in that one frame looks terribly envious of something. I don’t think she was really.

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