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stuart bell on “life of brian”

"Careful now!"

"Down with this sort of thing!"

Also reminded of a parochial character from (I think) something by Le Guin, who, when asked what the People From Over There were really like, replied with a line along the lines of "They are black and evil! I have never seen one!"

wales book of the year gaffe

This story’s got legs, hasn’t it? If you haven’t heard it, the Welsh Assembly Culture Minister announced the wrong winner at the Wales Book of the Year awards ceremony on Tuesday night, despite reading it off a piece of paper – Tom Bullough, who thought he’d won, got as far as the stage before he was told it was actually Dannie Abse. Mind you, Bullough’s blog has now exceeded its bandwidth, so maybe he’s got some useful publicity out of this. Probably not enough to make up for the public humiliation, mind.

I was at this ceremony last year, as our friend Robin was one of the contenders, and I remember thinking it was unusual in being one of the few awards left where the winners didn’t know in advance. I had no idea that not even the presenter knew either – I’m sure that’ll change now.

But what on earth did that card say? "The winner isn’t TOM BULLOUGH! He’s one of the runners-up along with Nia Wyn. The actual winner is Dannie Abse."

royal pizza

Bloody hell – we’re working late in the office again, so we ordered some pizza. Quite a lot of pizza, to be honest. When the guy delivered it, I apologised for not having the cash for a tip (which was why we were paying by card), and he left, obviously displeased. Within a minute or so he was back, verbally abusing us for being "the worst people he’d ever come across" and asking "hands up any of you who’ve got a girlfriend." He’s apparently the manager. Unbelievable. He stormed out again, forgetting his pizza bags. They’re still here.

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