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That’s an awful headline, sorry.

Charlie Stross has another go at predicting the future – this time, of gaming. In bullet points:

  • CPU power is going to hit a brick wall pretty soon
  • There’s a couple of orders of magnitude of bandwidth to use up, but that’ll hit the buffers too at some point ("I don’t think we’re likely to get much more than a terabit per second of bandwidth out of any channel, be it wireless or a fibre-optic cable, because once you get into soft X-rays your network card becomes indistinguishable from a death ray.")
  • Mobile devices will continue to converge (of course)
  • They’ll all have picoprojectors in them
  • VR glasses are actually coming along nicely
  • All this leads to a lot of clever augmented reality stuff

Actually, just read Halting State.

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