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sesiwn fawr dolgellau

And we saw:

  • KotoGo – Japanese koto playing in a jazz idiom, but to be honest we could have done with less of the guitar.
  • Brigyn – lovely little gig, and an awesome version of Cohen’s Hallelueia in Welsh.
  • Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog – good, but better last year – Mrs Glaw works better at speed.. Odd to see Gwyneth Glyn rocking out with them.
  • Ember – lovely many-tinted folk from this Welsh/American duo and their Dutch percussionist.
  • 9Bach – bloody excellent daring interpretations of classic melancholy Welsh ballads, fronted by the ethereally lovely Lisa Jên Brown.
  • Johnny Dickinson – fine slide guitar blues from Northumbria

As usual, we didn’t spend much time on the Marian itself.

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