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new star trek film pictures

Here’s Sylar, sorry, Spock, in the process of eating someone’s brain to take their powers. No, that’s not right either, it is?

the good doctor

Right, let’s see if:

  • Russell T presses the Reset Button and it all turns out to be an alternate reality, timeline or dream or something
  • Donna Noble (Noble Lady?) turns out to be Timelordy and somehow sacrifices herself to become the next regeneration (while hopefully leaving it Tennant)
  • The Doctor’s Hand-in-a-Jar saves the day

Somehow I still think it’s going to be Tennant. As Lawrence Miles points out, Big Russ would never let "It’s starting!" be Tennant’s last words, and regenerations have traditionally always been different – this one’s so far identical to Ecclestone.

UPDATE: well, 2 and 3 pretty much, but some nice twists. Have to admit that Tennant does the ‘tragic figure doomed to travel space the time’ rather well, and Donna’s apotheosis and exit was well done. But Rose getting the cheap knockoff Doctor for her very own was a bit much, and for God’s sake don’t put Martha and Mickey in Torchwood. Please.

bloody hell

They’re remaking The Day The Earth Stood Still. With Keanu Reeves as Klaatu. He’d be much better as Gort.

Via Warren Ellis…


Apparently, in the new Star Trek film (which seems to be doing the trendy ‘franchise reboot’ dance), Scotty might be played by … Simon Pegg.

Alan Moore

There’s an interview with the Wizard of Northampton in (of all places) the Telegraph, about (of all things) Lost Girls, his pornographic magnum opus with Melinda Gebbie. The interviewer is Susannah "Norrell and Strange" Clarke, although her style is fairly transparent in this piece (thank heaven), and there’s even a helpful list of Moore quotes at the end, and this isn’t from that section:

I did Voice of the Fire, which was set in the county of Northamptonshire. But with Jerusalem, I thought that that was probably far too cosmopolitan and far-reaching and that I ought to concentrate upon a couple of square blocks of Northampton, where I actually grew up. This is a half-million words, so the next book is obviously just going to be a couple of million words long; it’s just all going to be about one end of my living-room. I suppose it’s having started out with fantasies about the farthest reaches of space and time and the human world, I suppose it’s a gradual realisation that the actual place where I’m sitting is about the most fantastic spot in my universe.

TNG 20?

I just saw a thingummy on the telly saying that Star Trek : the Next Generation is 20 years old, and I thought, ‘that can’t be right.’ But it is. Good grief. 28th September 1987 to May 23rd 1994 was the original US run – to be fair, it was delayed here for a couple of years, but still, to think that it’s been 13 years since it ended


That’s Catrin in absolute hysterics at her first ever viewing of the 60’s Batman TV series. Of course, it’s a part of my cultural upbringing, but I suppose to someone who’s never seen it before it must look like it’s from Mars. A very, very gay Mars.


Going to see the Studio Ghibli Tales from Earthsea movie tonight, with some trepidation… will it piss all over my memory of those beautiful books, as the SciFi Channel’s abomination did? Le Guin’s own opinion seems to be that it’s better than that, but still not right.

UPDATE: Well, that was odd. Lovely looking film, but it wasn’t Earthsea – it was a film with some characters in it with the same names as those in the books. I’ve yet to see an adaptation where the film’s plot bears less resemblance to the original story. Oh well. The dragons were good.


From Dan Crisper, posted on Tuesday:

Sometimes, I still wake up in the middle of the night with that horrible image replaying over and over in my mind, of the second plane crashing into the Archduke, and the immediate realization that the Continent would never be the same.

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