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Check this out. Even non-Welsh speakers can tell that "must" is not the Welsh word for "must", for example. Ditto "please."

Actually, every single thing is wrong – the whole thing is virtually incomprehensible. I suppose the Welsh on that bottom line might translate something like "The building of sites is dangerous, please keep children on walking" if one were bloody-minded enough to try to get some sense out of it.

This is, I suppose, what happens when you get that bloke in the office who went on a day taster course to do the Welsh (instead of, for example, paying my mate Robin).

UPDATE: Obvious in hindsight, but Telsa reports it’s a really, really bad free machine translation system. There’s more info here, if you speak Welsh. Actually, if you don’t, you can still go there and zip to the end for some examples of really well-known Welsh songs translated into awful English, with a challenge to the readers to guess the songs. Here are a couple I know (although I couldn’t recognise them):

Grade good crookedly the she persuading / Signs the Volvo medal tongue the dragon

With Gwen he ear I / he was the firstly I pass group posts

The first one is Datblygu’s incisive masterpiece Cân i Gymru – "gradd da yn y Gymraeg, ar y Volvo bathodyn Tafod y Ddraig" – usually translated as "A good grade in Welsh Language, and a Dragon’s Tail badge on the Volvo."

The second is, of course, Catatonia’s Gyda Gwêngyda gwên, o glust i glust / fe oedd y cyntaf i basio’r pyst – better rendered as "With a smile from ear to ear, he was first to pass the posts."

I can sort of see how the second one happened. Heaven knows what went wrong with the Datblygu song, though.

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