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There’s a story over at the BBC about the incredibly good Easter the tourism industry has had here in Wales: "huge upsurge" in late bookings, 40% increase in caravan bookings, etc.

Typically, the BBC focus on one slightly downbeat report:

Operators are reasonably happy. It’s the start of the season in north Wales and we have benefitted from good weather – much better than the weather forecasted," said Mr Jackson.

"There has been some last minute bookings and the visitor attractions have done rather well."

But Mr Jackson said his members were "not throwing their hats in the air" just yet.

He said many were hoping that the recession would see more people looking to holiday closer to home, and that the industry was "looking ahead cautiously".

and run with the headline ‘Cautious’ outlook for tourism. Annoys me, this sort of thing. What’s wrong with reporting good news as good news?


An Australian airliner was grounded after four pythons escaped from their container in the aircraft’s hold. Samuel L. Jackson not required – they were only six inches long. They fumigated the plane instead, which would have made for a very dull film.

Red mercury!

It finds lost treasure! Wards off evil spirits! Mobile phones can detect it! You can get it from old sewing machines! You can also, apparently, make nukes from it!

(It’s an entirely synthetic substance, completely made up…)

I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords

According to the BBC, a robot developed in Aberystwyth ‘is the first machine to have independently "discovered new scientific knowledge"’.

fat duck

Is it me, or is the Fat Duck ‘food poisoning’ story starting to sound like mass hysteria? Hell, I’d still go.


Some news about Catrin (which I tweeted on the right a little while ago):

Dr Catrin Fflûr Huws has been appointed Director of the Centre for Welsh Legal Affairs (CWLA) at Aberystwyth University. Dr Huws succeeds Ann Sherlock, whose work has been so important in establishing this important and innovative body, the only one of its kind.
Dr Huws is a lecturer and co-ordinator for Welsh-medium teaching at the Department of Law and Criminology. Her research focuses on the Welsh dimension to the law, including the effectiveness of legislation in promoting minority languages, the use of the Welsh language in the courts and the effects of unaffordable housing in rural Wales. Her current research considers the interrelationship of law and language in Welsh and English literature.

fucking council

No, we don’t want half the decent shops in this town demolished to make way for a shiny new chain store, thanks very much. Bloody hell. They seem determined to make this place like every other high street in the UK.

Think I’m exaggerating? They want to demolish everything from Woolies down to the corner of Chalybeate St., and round the corner as far as the old sorting office entrance. That’s 15 shops.

Still, there’s a facebook group. That’ll show ’em.

daily mail

‘Radioactive’ paedophile suspect on the run after skipping court.

Stealing links from popbitch today!

UPDATE: More on Paedoman – he’s on the BBC now:

Judge John Price, who issued a warrant for his arrest, said: "Please warn officers that when he is arrested he might be radioactive. This is not a joke."

prawo jazdy

Hooray for Prawo Jazdy, the most dangerous driver in Ireland!

goodbye bush


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