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Over there, on the right, twitter updates. Did it a while ago, decided to turn it back on (well, give the root gwir user the magical canhastwitter permission).

Ah, that’s RESTful.

Yes, I have been playing with the Flickr API. Why do you ask?


I’ve changed a couple of little things here, mainly so that my new toy (mmmm, new toy) works correctly. Hopefully they won’t affect anything unless you’re viewing at a very low resolution. Any problems, let me know.


Yes, just when I’d written something moderately interesting here, I’ve managed to screw up the comments system. Bear with me. UPDATE: that’s got it, or at least the errors you’ll get make more sense. The only time you’ll see "an error occurred" is if you just tried to spam me ;)

Actually, I’m really really beginning to like this blogging system – everything’s now inline and AJAXy, the security model seems pretty powerful, and it’s very extensible (although there’s still some work to be done there). Nice.

new comment system

This weekend I have mainly been hacking up a new AJAXy comment system, where the comment blocks are expanded inline, just like all the big kids use. Click on the (n comments) bit at the bottom of a post and the system will send a request to suck the comment data from the server, inserting it into the right place when it arrives. The add comment form works in a similar way, and if you get the captcha wrong you should just get a popup alert. Let’s see how it goes. To be honest, I’ve only tested it on Firefox, but I think I’ve been working in fairly standard areas of the DOM.

another hard day at the office

And I’m at work again, trying to get the epic golf game finished off. One day I’ll tell you all about it, but right now the wounds are too fresh…

Oh, the RSS feed should be working again. Sorry about that, I changed a template specification and forgot to change the template use in the RSS page as well as the main page. Oops.


So I’m on facebook now, having thought it was about time I joined the 21st Century. Just writing this here so that the Flog RSS reader thing picks it up – any links to this blog from there won’t work quite right for a bit because there was an error in my rss feed code.They’ll work once Flog refreshes all the entries.

captcha errors?

Has anyone else seen the following while trying to post a comment?

"Fatal error: Call to undefined function captchaexception() (great big long thingy omitted)

If you have, could you drop me an email (the address is over there on the left, sorta). It’s a bit weird, it’s saying the code you’re sending isn’t for a valid comment. Hm.


OK, it should be sorted now. The problem was first a dodgy line throwing the exception (missed out the ‘new’, doh), but primarily an over-efficient caching algorithm, leading to the following sequence of events:

  • Someone looks at post number N
  • Post N’s code is generated, along with a captcha for it and an ID code for that captcha
  • Post number N is then cached, along with the captcha ID
  • Someone posts a comment, so that captcha ID is marked as used
  • Someone else looks at the post, loading the data – and the (now out of date) captcha ID – out of the cache, and tries to post a comment
  • The captcha server reports a ‘stale ID’ error, as it should.

There are some weirdnesses of the caching system that mean it still might behave oddly, though. Hm. Haven’t got time to look at it properly now, so keep me posted.

For Mel

Mel, your email address keeps giving me SMTP permanent failure error 550 (mailbox unavailable). But you were trying to post comments while I was fucking about with the code online, something you should never do but the little laptop with the offline version running on it is elsewhere.

All change

It’s all a bit different, isn’t it? Does it work for you lot? I’ve tested it under Firefox 2 and IE7 so far.

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