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A phone running Vista? For fuck’s sake.

new toy

(again) This N800 lark gets a lot better when you’ve got a Bluetooth keyboard! It does seem to have a slight tendency to autorepeat if you try to use it on your lap, but still, it seems pretty good. It’s a cheap one, too – the iGo UltraSlim Stowaway.

“like a DeLorean at a buffet”

I can’t make out if this is a hoax or not – it’s a bent piece of shiny metal to put your Apple stuff on, for $1600. The copy reads like something from an alternate universe in which people listen to Apple music on their Apple iPods, downloaded from Apple’s Music Store with Apple’s iTunes, using their Apple Macs to surf Apple’s internet while printing out pictures of Apple products with their Apple printer on Apple-branded paper. All, cunningly, without mentioning the word "Apple." It’s like a lipogram. UPDATE: subject changed because I love Harry’s simile in the comments so damn much.

New toy!

A 50mm f1.4 lens. Takes pictures pretty much in the dark. Excellent. Purchase inspired by some article somewhere on the web extolling the values of a decent 50mm lens (which I can no longer find) and by the experience of trying to take pictures of plays without a flash!

New TV…

Oooh, we’ve got a shiny new telly. It’s not very big, but it’s a massive improvement of the old one!

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For fuck’s sake, Cherry will sell you a Klingon keyboard. yIn yiSuq jay’!

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