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First person shooter glasses!

Found on Richard Bartle’s blog. Which anyone with an interest in gaming, particularly MMORPGs, should read. After all, he was one of the blokes who started it all.

Mark Watson

Excellent – go and see him. If anyone was there last night, I was the chap burbling about the ice cream machine, feeling more like a pillock with every word but unable to stop. My eternal gratitude to the woman who came in after me and also started burbling on the same subject.

prog trumps

T-shirt design found on eBay.

extreme shepherds

A bit behind the times on this one, but as I’m actually in Wales, I thought I should mention this video that’s been doing the rounds. A bunch of shepherds in Wales with LEDs and a video camera doing… well, just watch. It’s amazing.

(Of course, a tiny, cynical part of me suspects that large bits of it are After Effects, but it’s still awesome).

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prawo jazdy

Hooray for Prawo Jazdy, the most dangerous driver in Ireland!

president “motherfucking” obama

Barack Obama has written a memoir. It’s got some quite sweary bits in, where he’s quoting sweary people. He’s also read an audiobook of his own book. Which means you get to hear the President of the United States swearing like a trooper. And here are audio files – streaming and download – of the best bits. "You ain’t my bitch, nigga; get your own damn fries."

Puerile, I know.

(via the ever-excellent Anna)

goodbye bush



This place may look familiar to some of you.
(Thanks, Mel)


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