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Catrin’s birthday party

tea eggs

Intriguing recipe I might give a go.

The Black Oven

Via Lore, one of the few blogs about the dark, forbidden delights of Norwegian Black Metal cakes. Genius, and tasty!

Boiled down to its very essence, metal is nothing more than a mixture of molasses and alienation. By that definition, these cookies are black fucking metal. Packed full of grim and evil spices, they will leave you feeling despondent and isolated within their stronghold of flavor.

hake and chips

elephant pancake

My old friend Mel, who used to work in the storied Welsh Fudge Shop in Aberystwyth (song since closed and now just student accommodation in North Road), has provided the recipe for the famous elephant pancake over on her excellent blog. Damn, I’m hungry now!

post 4748

This was part of the actual party. My starter. I would have taken another picture, but the lighting was incredibly dim in there and I only had a cameraphone. Anyway, excellent it was – the first time I’ve ever been to a surprise party, at least one that was actually a surprise.

Japanese Food

in Canton (Cardiff, that is) – and Dan’s fingers.

Birthday cake

Isn’t that fantastic?

lamb shank

Asparagus and poached egg

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