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fat duck

Is it me, or is the Fat Duck ‘food poisoning’ story starting to sound like mass hysteria? Hell, I’d still go.


Sashimi at Wasabi in Aber


i.e. spanish omelette, not the American sort. My first go at making one, and it worked pretty well. Even better cold the next day.

New Years Eve

…jalfrezi. I can eat stuff like this again!


And that was Shrewsbury. Well, actually that was a jacket potato. And very nice it was too.

bacon chocolate

Steve’s just given me a bit of this. It’s very odd.

warren ellis on food

He really needs to write a cookbook. Seriously:

Open a bottle of beer. Not fucking Budweiser or Labatts – a proper beer, damnit. During this experiment, I used the outstanding Black Adder ale from Mauldons. A good bitter, an ale, an IPA – a proper fucking beer, you know what I mean. Pour some down your throat. Now pour some in the tinfoil. A mouthful or so. Spit your mouthful out into the pocket if you’d like. I mean, it’d be disgusting, but the person you’re cooking for will never know, right? Close up the pocket, so you now have a sealed tinfoil bag full of a head of garlic and (possibly regurgitated) beer.

Sling it in the oven. Your oven is set to 190 degrees C, which is 375F or Gas mark 5. It’s going to be in there for an hour. Have some more beer. Swallow it this time, you freak.

and that’s it

for the food. This was the dessert, apparently an elderflower and lemon balm parfait and a gooseberry er.. goo :) Tasted like very expensive mango kulfi to be honest.

The next night we went to the Circus restaurant, where I seem to remember having crab, followed by lamb (for the first time in months) and Eton mess.

post 4915

And the main course, turbot in a mussel and pea veloute (one of those hundreds of gastronomic words that mean "goo"). There was some mash under there, too, with chives in.

A weekend away…

…in Bath. I did take a fair few pics with the proper camera, but as usual I documented food with the mobile. I like to remember meals I’ve spent a fair bit of dosh on :) The meal was in the Olive Tree, the restaurant attached to the Queensberry Hotel – very posh, we were staying there as an present from Catrin’s parents.

Anyway, this was the starter – salmon in sloe berry and fennel vodka! Before that was a little appetizer in the form of a cup of beautiful butternut squash soup, too.

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