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The Band’s Visit

A bloody marvellous little Israeli comedy about an Egyptian police band, stuck in a nowhere town in Israel, and how they’re helped by free-spirited restauranteur and her friends. It never wanders into sentimentality, and there’s no temptingly easy resolution, just a beautiful and very funny little story, beautifully photographed.

bloody hell

They’re remaking The Day The Earth Stood Still. With Keanu Reeves as Klaatu. He’d be much better as Gort.


A friend of ours lent us Terry Gilliam’s controversial Tideland a good long while ago, and we finally got round to watching it last night. After all the fuss, we thought we’d better wait until we were in the right mood. And now I regret it – it’s the most astonishing, beautiful, touching, dangerous film I’ve seen for a long time. It’s a difficult film – I can see why Gilliam felt the need for an introduction after all the walkouts, and it’s sometimes hard to keep in mind the resilience and innocence of children throughout the strangeness. The other complaint I’ve heard about the film is the slow pace, but the story unfolded as it should, and one needs time to absorb the stunning, hyperreal imagery of the film. Astonishing performances, too, from the 11-year-old Jodelle Ferland in the lead role, effectively performing a one girl show for most of the film; and Brendan Fletcher as a disabled young man who befriends her.


Apparently, in the new Star Trek film (which seems to be doing the trendy ‘franchise reboot’ dance), Scotty might be played by … Simon Pegg.


Going to see the Studio Ghibli Tales from Earthsea movie tonight, with some trepidation… will it piss all over my memory of those beautiful books, as the SciFi Channel’s abomination did? Le Guin’s own opinion seems to be that it’s better than that, but still not right.

UPDATE: Well, that was odd. Lovely looking film, but it wasn’t Earthsea – it was a film with some characters in it with the same names as those in the books. I’ve yet to see an adaptation where the film’s plot bears less resemblance to the original story. Oh well. The dragons were good.

The Bourne Ultimatum

Ace. If a Bond film is a roast dinner, Bourne Ultimatum
is Bovril. Essence of spy film.

Far too much more than meets the eye

Just saw the Transformers movie. Yes, I know it’s old hat now, but we were sillybusy when it was on. We’re still sillybusy now, but we decided dammit, we’d go out.

Lovely, all very shiny Transformer effects and that, and some great lines, but strewth it went on. It could easily have been three-quarters of an hour shorter.

I suspect the length was to help you forget the gaping plot holes. Still, it pleased my inner 12-year-old, and with a film like that, that’s all that counts.

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