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Catrin’s tie skirt

Catrin made this out of about 40 ties and bloodymindedness. It’s absolutely stunning. You can’t really get the full effect in a photo, but it’s incredibly intricate and so colourful.


And this is a test.

I do wonder if it works. As I’ve just said in Twitter, I’ve been listening to Catrin on Radio Cymru, being interviewed about a paper she was giving at a conference here. Well, it turns out she was lectured on the general subject of probate…


and, of course, cake.


And here’s the Great Cthulhu and a little demon. Update: It seems this particular Cthulhu is called Emlyn. And the demon is Alf.

Update update: I sit corrected once again. The little Cthulhoid chap is Alf, the demon is Emlyn. She’s quite right, there’s something Emlynesque about him.


Catrin’s birthday handbag, made by Susan. It’s very Catrin.


Some news about Catrin (which I tweeted on the right a little while ago):

Dr Catrin Fflûr Huws has been appointed Director of the Centre for Welsh Legal Affairs (CWLA) at Aberystwyth University. Dr Huws succeeds Ann Sherlock, whose work has been so important in establishing this important and innovative body, the only one of its kind.
Dr Huws is a lecturer and co-ordinator for Welsh-medium teaching at the Department of Law and Criminology. Her research focuses on the Welsh dimension to the law, including the effectiveness of legislation in promoting minority languages, the use of the Welsh language in the courts and the effects of unaffordable housing in rural Wales. Her current research considers the interrelationship of law and language in Welsh and English literature.



new hair colour!


Catrin’s birthday party

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