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Phew… that went really well, and my voice did hold out (thanks for the advice, Mel – I didn’t have time to get the stuff today but might well have a look tomorrow.)

Anyway, there are still seats left for both performances tomorrow – Llanbadarn Church, doors open at 2pm for the matinee and 7pm for the evening. If you’re around, come along – it’s a good show (although a complete bugger to learn!) You can pay on the door, too.

The Passion

Hello, you lot. Castaway’s latest production – Tony Harrison’s adaptation/translation of the medieval Passion – is going up tonight in Llanbadarn Church. Doors open at seven, there’s a matinee tomorrow afternoon and another evening performance too. Judging by last night’s dress, it should be good. Provided I get my voice back!


Blimey, that play took it out of us. The situations and characters in it are so unpleasant, they get inside your head; but while you’re working on the piece you don’t notice. It’s when it all stops that it catches up with you. As soon as I got in after the last night I had to have a bath, to wash the Philosophical Lieutenant out of me.


Our new show, The Possibilities by Howard Barker, is going up tonight for two nights. Tickets are still available! It’s turned out bloody brilliant too, our best Proper Acting play for ages. Come and see it, please!

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I keep forgetting to post this, because I’m an idiot. Our Day Out went very well, sold out (in fact oversold) on both nights, and a lot of fun was had by all. There are pictures and a review on the web site. Here’s a bit from the review:

Jim Finnis putting his wealth of talent in good-humoured roles to great use and proving, in the role of Colin, a reluctant heart-throb for schoolgirls Linda and Jackie, played by Sarah Mair Gates and Norma Izon respectively, both of whom played their parts with voluptuous flair and northern sharpness. Matt Fullwood played the bad-tempered headmistress’ lackey Mr. Briggs with a great variation of texture, humour and tone, while Lauren Hodgkins showed similar depth of characterisation as Susan, particularly in a riotous mock-seduction scene with schoolboy Reilly, played with handsome cockiness by Dan Frost. All of the above, as well as other characters, were given a beautifully laconic support by Stephanie Gunner and Catrin Fflûr Huws’ Bored Girls, whose downbeat attitudes were hilarious from start to end.

So that’s good notices for just about everyone. He goes on:

Special mention should be made of Lindsay Blumfield, who as Carol – the backstreet girl with longings and dreams – gave the most heart-wrenching, beautifully nuanced performance, particularly in her latter scenes, helping to capture the shifts in mood that make this laugh-out-loud comedy much more than just that.

which is spot-on, it’s one of the best things I’ve seen Lindsay do. For some reason, though, there’s no mention of Lizzie’s Mrs Kay, which is criminal.

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Todays top spam sender name: Frasquito Brown. I hope they’re not googling for these; I could be making myself a prime target for something or other. Anyway. Dress rehearsal/preview performance of Our Day Out tonight, performance nights are tomorrow and Saturday. There are still tickets available, come and see us – it should be a good show! I’m glad I asked for a small part in this one, though – pressures of work would have caused a few problems.

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Well, the Nativity’s done! It went very, very well indeed – amazingly well, considering the lack of rehearsal time we’ve had. Really lovely, performed in the great hall in a sort of inverse round arrangement – we laid out chairs around big round candlelit tables laden with mince pies, and did the play on four stages around them. Just for posterity, because they’re lovely and I’m probably going to forget them now, here are my two God speeches:

Ego sum alpha et omega,
Via, vita, veritas –
Primus et novissimus.

I am gracious and great God withouten beginning,
I am maker unmade and all might is in me.
I am life and way unto wealth winning,
I am foremost and first, als I bid shall it be.
My blessing in bliss will be blending
And harboured from harm, shall be hidden.
My body in bliss, aye abiding
Enduring without any ending.

Since I am maker unmade and most high in might
And aye shall be endless, and nought is but I,
Unto my dignity dear shall duly be dight
A bliss all abundant about me –

In the which bliss I bid that be here
Nine orders of angels full clear
In loving aye-lasting to lout me.

Thee, mightiest of all I made, most after me,
I make thee to be master, and mirror of my might.
I set thee here by me, in bliss for to be,
And name thee for Lucifer, als bearer of light.

(obviously that doesn’t go too well for Lucifer, and we get the Fall. Then, the Creation)

These fools from their fairhood in fantasies fell –
They would not me worship that wrought them,
Wherefore shall my wrath ere go with them
And all that me worship shall dwell here, I wis.

Since earth is vain void and in murkness doth dwell
I bid in my blessing the angels give light.
The murkness thus name I for night,
The day do I call this clear light.

A firmament I bid appear,
And that same shall be named heaven,
With planets and with cloud full clear.

The sun and moon in fair manner
Now greatly gang in your degree –
For ye shall set the seasons here,
Day from day and year from year.

The water I will be here
To flow both far and near.
The largest part I name the ‘sea,’
Gathering of waters clear

And with the sea I will begin –
Whales all quick in sea will dwell
And other fish to flit with fin
Some with scale and some with shell.

The land shall foster and forth bring
Buxsomly by me decreed
Herbs and fruit to fill and feed
And trees also thereon shall spring
And flowers fair from height to hang
And winging with the wind on high
I bid me fowls full fair to fly.

All divers beasts on earth I send to breed
And be with bale forth brought
And with the beasts I will to blend
Serpents to be seen unsought
And worms upon their wombs will wend
To woe in earth, and worth to nought.

And so it shall be kenned
How all is made that ought.
Beginning, midst and end
I with my word have wrought.

To keep this world, both more and less,
A skilful beast then will I make
After my shape and my likeness,
The which shall worship to me take.
Of the simplest part of earth that is here,
I shall make Man.

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