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Catrin’s gorse wine recipe

Catrin's gorse wine

Equipment: two demijohns (er.. a john?), airlock, bukkit with a lid, thermometer, strainy bag thing, cooker, big spoon, warmish dark place, cool dark place, bottles, corks, corking machine, siphon, sterilizing stuff suitable for homebrewing.

1 gallon gorse flowers
3lbs sugar (cane sugar)
2 oranges
2 lemons
1 tsp grape tannin
1 gallon water
yeast, nutrient.

Sterilize everything. Put the flowers in a net bag and simmer for 15mins. Take the bag out and squeeze to extract the liquor. Dissolve the sugar in the liquid. Add the lemon and orange juice and the skins of the fruit too. Cool to 21 degrees, Add tannin, yeast and yeast nutrient. Keep for 3 days in a bukkit with a lid on in the kitchen and then put in demijohn with an airlock. Leave in a warmish dark place (airing cupboard) for a few months until it clears. Rack it every month or so (i.e. siphon it into another demijohn to get rid of the sediment, remembering to sterilize.) Bottle once it’s really clear. Leave it again in a cool dark place. Drink after another few months. Fall over.

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