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Only in Aberystwyth

A statue of Buddha built for a musical turned out to be so big that a partition wall had to be taken down to get it out of the door.

The 5m (16ft) gold-coloured figure could not be freed from the Drill Hall in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion.

far far away

An installation in a disused shop in Aberystwyth by the Blaengar collective.


This place may look familiar to some of you.
(Thanks, Mel)


We went for a walk around the town this afternoon, and found a sign pointing down a path, saying "Sparkly Things." Following the sign, we found a terrace garden overlooking the harbour, in which a friend of ours was hosting a party (we had no idea she lived there) selling jewellery. There was something very odd, very dreamlike, about the logic of the whole episode.

Occasionally this town does stuff like that.

tabernacle fire

Blimey, the Tabernacle in Mill Street (you know – huge disused chapel near Trefechan Bridge, rather ominous looking) has been gutted by fire! Looks like it might have to come down. Probably someone squatting there lit a candle; and there’s a lot of wood there..

The things you miss…

when you’re stuck in the office. Or don’t happen to be looking out to sea – annoyingly I would have seen it if I had been looking out of the window.

freak out

I should say so!

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