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Wedding photos done!

Finally, finally finished processing the images from Catrin’s cousin Aled’s wedding to Ffion. It’s taken me long enough, but I was shooting entirely on natural and/or ambient tungsten lighting, so much processing was involved. That and this whole University thing has got in the way. I’m very pleased with the results, though, and hope they will be too. Now to get them into a book ready for printing. I don’t use Lulu (my normal on-demand printer) for that; instead I use Blurb.com – they’ve given me very good results for this sort of thing before, and they provide a fairly nice editor for photobooks.

Ffion and her niece, whose name I forget


At Ynys Las a few months back.

Now that’s what I call UBU!

Pics of the last production – haven’t got the production page on the main website up yet, but hopefully that’ll be done later in the week. Or when I get round to it.

More random pictures

from our holiday in south-west Wales.

More from the Apothecaries’ Hall

…in the National Botanic Gardens

Colby Woodland Garden

Colby Woodland Garden, near Amroth in Pembrokeshire. Flowers!


From the Apothecaries’ Hall in the National Botanic Garden of Wales


And here’s the Great Cthulhu and a little demon. Update: It seems this particular Cthulhu is called Emlyn. And the demon is Alf.

Update update: I sit corrected once again. The little Cthulhoid chap is Alf, the demon is Emlyn. She’s quite right, there’s something Emlynesque about him.


Catrin’s birthday handbag, made by Susan. It’s very Catrin.

More Life of Brian pics

This is the remainder of the pictures from Saturday night’s Life of Brian screening up at the Arts Centre. It was a fantastic occasion – Messrs. Palin and Jones were fine gentlemen, and seemed genuinely happy to be there, taking a lot of time to chat to people about anything. I remember Terry Jones talking to some lad for about 20 minutes on (I think) the Wars of the Roses. It was organised as a champagne reception beforehand, which also became a bit of a signing session – but there was plenty of time to chat; then the film – I’d forgotten quite how good it was, and it was excellent to see it on the big screen; then a half-hour Q&A, which only stopped when Sue Jones-Davies decided that Palin and Jones really ought to get some dinner! Really, really wonderful night.

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