I’m a mature student at Aberystwyth University, trying for the second time to get my BSc in Computer Science after completely failing to get it 25 years ago. Things have changed in the meantime, but I’ve spent many years in industry – mainly games development, with a bit of database work and audio tool DSP programming thrown in. When I’m not hacking on University work, I’m hacking C++ to make sure I don’t get rusty there, and banging my head against Haskell to try to force it in.

Currently, I’m just coming up to the end of a fascinating year working in the department, where I’ve:

  • edited a journal of conference proceedings;
  • designed, built and tested a visual obstacle avoidance system for autonomous robotic sailing boats using a cheap smartphone;
  • added a bucketful of motor drivers and microcontrollers to a Mars rover chassis with 18 degrees of freedom, giving us full control over it;
  • written an enormous wodge of software, in three layers (slave controllers, master controller, PC side) to control said rover;
  • used the rover to build a biologically inspired power/temperature management system based on modelling pain and inflammation;
  • built a graphical monitoring system for remote robots.

Other interests include building strange contraptions, fencing, painting, photography, playing inappropriate songs on the mandolin, writing fiction, and acting in local theatre productions.

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