ARTOS – Audio Real-Time Operating System

Things I’ve worked on, and almost forgotten about.Back in the mid-90’s, I was working at a little Aberystwyth company called Clef Digital Systems. We were designing the software for a thing called the PP-10 Mastering Suite for the renowned Penny+Giles, back when they did audio systems before that side got sold to TLA.

The PP-10 was an audio processing unit based around an Intel i860 RISC chip (to drive the user interface) and a TI C30 DSP. Charles Francis and I wrote an operating system for this beast: ARTOS. From what I recall, I did most of the OS design and code, while Charles did the hard stuff – the more complex DSP algorithms, such as Reverb.

And, believe it or not, the paper we wrote is still available on the net at the AES website. There’s nice.

The PP-10 system

The box itself (image from TLAudio)

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