Twitter posts for Sunday May 30

  • Germany doing well, but then (as I’ve said before) … Would. (21:40:10)
  • Hm. Denmark. It’s amazing what an Abbaesque chorus can do. (21:27:34)
  • My wife wants to run Eurovision. She’d be ace, to be honest. (21:25:14)
  • Is she going to play the piano? (21:23:08)
  • Go French granny! (21:17:32)
  • Suits made of wipeclean tablecloths! (21:16:55)
  • Sorry, but this is quite cool. But the uk were crap in that! (21:16:07)
  • Another truck drivers key change. Accompanied with wind machine. (20:51:05)
  • “arranged books?” (20:46:43)
  • Israeli lyrics very surreal… (20:45:54)
  • Now at the stage where I’m just dividing Eurovision singers into “woulds” and “wouldn’ts” (20:42:30)

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