The perils of writing scifi

Well, near-future scifi anyway. From Charlie Stross’ blog, on which he announces that instead of a sequel to ”Halting State”, he’s working on a new ”Laundry” book instead:

Why the switch? Well, I was just settling down to work on the "Halting State" sequel last summer when the news went nonlinear. That book is meant to be near-future SF, which means it’s highly dependent on the state of the world today. It was bad enough when, as I was waiting for "Halting State" to work its way into print, bits of the plot kept turning up in the news; this time around, one of last year’s major news stories ate my plot!

I think we can all be very glad that he’s delayed a Halting State sequel to work on a Laundry story because the former came true in real life, rather than the other way around.

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