Our latest Castaway production is Jim Cartwright’s ”Road”, set in a deprived Lancashire town in the bad old days of Thatcherism. It’s turning out to be awesome, and runs from Wednesday to Friday. Here’s the blurb:

Castaway celebrate eighteen years of producing cutting edge theatre at the Arts Centre with Cartwright’s classic play from 1986 – probably the most important play to emerge from the decade. Set in a tiny pocket of derelict Lancashire, Road is an uncompromising depiction of working class life in Thatcher’s Britain. Your host is the drunken Scullery. During one booze fuelled evening he introduces us to a veritable pot-pourri of characters -beer flows, music plays, dreams are shattered and one record helps four young people tomake a startling discovery. Castaway’s large and talented cast embrace Cartwright’s raw poetry with vigour and energy… and (of course) a stunning soundtrack compliments the action!

Tickets are available from the Arts Centre if you’re quick.

Incidentally, the Wikipedia page above mentions that it was done in New York at one point. With Kevin Bacon (as the Soldier, Brink and Joey). Apparently it didn’t entirely work.

UPDATE: damn, really should have posted this before today! All tickets gone. Actually, that’s pretty gratifying – but it does you people no good at all!

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