Lore, on his impending iPhone purchase:

These are my last few weeks before I have an iPhone, and I’m going to make sure I cherish my ignorance.

Right now, I can have a thought like, "I wonder who had a hit first, Chuck Berry or Little Richard?" and allow that question to wander around in my head. Maybe I’ll remember it and look it up when I get the chance; maybe I’ll just let it go. I suspect that this time next month I’ll be pulling over to the side of the road — I hope I’ll pull over to the side of the road — to get the answer immediately.

Right now, my friends are not subjected to photos of every "witty" stop sign annotation I encounter. In fact, they can actually hang out with me with no fear of showing up in my Flickr stream with basil in their teeth.

Right now, I do not post to Twitter every time I see a dachshund.

Right now, I am capable of referring to my cellphone without actually telling people what brand it is.

Right now, I do not appear to bystanders to be speaking into an ice cream sandwich.

Right now, I rarely, if ever, use the phrase "awesome new app."

Right now, I would be surprised if using the phrase "awesome new app" in public did not result in mob justice.

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