the good doctor

Right, let’s see if:

  • Russell T presses the Reset Button and it all turns out to be an alternate reality, timeline or dream or something
  • Donna Noble (Noble Lady?) turns out to be Timelordy and somehow sacrifices herself to become the next regeneration (while hopefully leaving it Tennant)
  • The Doctor’s Hand-in-a-Jar saves the day

Somehow I still think it’s going to be Tennant. As Lawrence Miles points out, Big Russ would never let "It’s starting!" be Tennant’s last words, and regenerations have traditionally always been different – this one’s so far identical to Ecclestone.

UPDATE: well, 2 and 3 pretty much, but some nice twists. Have to admit that Tennant does the ‘tragic figure doomed to travel space the time’ rather well, and Donna’s apotheosis and exit was well done. But Rose getting the cheap knockoff Doctor for her very own was a bit much, and for God’s sake don’t put Martha and Mickey in Torchwood. Please.

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