getting home

And last night’s film (well, there’s a festival on) was Getting Home, a Chinese comedy about a guy trying to fulfill a promise carry his dead friend back to his family. Nice, light entertainment, with a lovely hero. The most interesting thing, though, was the er.. Chinese attitudes: construction sites are viewed as exciting hubs of progress and comradeship; the police are stern but helpful; Tibet is a tourist destination; the Three Gorges flooding may lead to many personal tragedies but the path of progress must not be halted; the ‘aid centres’ for homeless people in big cities are friendly places with good food and talent shows! Very odd. It did, however, acknowledge the existence of a lot of the problems in China, which is a big step – corruption, homelessness, banditry, unlicensed medical practices, the Three Gorges problems..

Incidentally, we only just got to see the film – there are only two English-subtitled prints in existence, and the one we were due to see was held up in (of all places) Tehran. Eventually the organiser begged access the other print – at a festival in California – so that was sent over. At which point the first print turned up, of course.

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