la antena

What if Fritz Lang and a time-travelling Terry Gilliam had, in the 1920s, used a steam-powered top-secret digital computer to make an allegorical near-silent film about the corporate control of the media in the 21st Century?

No, that’s not it. How about a steampunk Jeunet et Caro?

That’s not quite right, either. How about a beautiful Argentine black-and-white film with a luscious tango soundtrack and arresting images, telling – with the aid of some unsubtle but always fun semiotics and homages – how easy it is to lose one’s voice and how hard it can be to keep it. And how, even when you’ve lost your voice, they can still take more from you; and how important it is to keep control of the ability to make yourself heard.

Lovely. Here’s a better review than mine.

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