allegiance oath?

Lord Goldsmith is suggesting bribing people (by offering council tax and student fee rebates) into taking an oath of allegiance to the Queen. I don’t even know where to begin with this one… firstly, if we’re being paid for it, what would it mean? Surely people won’t be taking the oath out of any sense of loyalty, they’ll just be in it for the money.

Secondly, there are an awful lot of people – republicans, citizens of nations of the UK other that England who don’t want to swear allegiance to a someone they view as a foreign monarch – who won’t be willing to do that, and who aren’t in any way ‘un-British’. Should they be effectively punished by not receiving the financial benefits of the oath? Not to mention the distrust that oath-takers might feel towards those people.

It’s just ludicrous, not to mention pretty offensive.

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