Alan Moore

There’s an interview with the Wizard of Northampton in (of all places) the Telegraph, about (of all things) Lost Girls, his pornographic magnum opus with Melinda Gebbie. The interviewer is Susannah "Norrell and Strange" Clarke, although her style is fairly transparent in this piece (thank heaven), and there’s even a helpful list of Moore quotes at the end, and this isn’t from that section:

I did Voice of the Fire, which was set in the county of Northamptonshire. But with Jerusalem, I thought that that was probably far too cosmopolitan and far-reaching and that I ought to concentrate upon a couple of square blocks of Northampton, where I actually grew up. This is a half-million words, so the next book is obviously just going to be a couple of million words long; it’s just all going to be about one end of my living-room. I suppose it’s having started out with fantasies about the farthest reaches of space and time and the human world, I suppose it’s a gradual realisation that the actual place where I’m sitting is about the most fantastic spot in my universe.

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