No Doctor Who in 2009, and perhaps Tennant’s off for good…

I thought this would happen, mainly because we got the RSC brochure last week and they were advertising him as Hamlet next year, against Patrick Stewart as Claudius. Which should be interesting – who do I heckle? Do I shout "Make it so!" at Stewart or "Reverse the polarity!" at Tennant?

I’m very much looking forward to it, which I suppose cheers me up a bit if there’s going to be no Who in ’09, but I hope it gives them time to think about the series and stops them getting into a rut, rather than robbing them of the rather nice momentum they built up in the last series.

I’m a little confused by the BBC saying:

Tennant, 36, will reportedly (sic) to play Hamlet with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) from July to November next year, however this has not been confirmed by the RSC.

when they’re actually advertising tickets for it though…

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