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I keep forgetting to post this, because I’m an idiot. Our Day Out went very well, sold out (in fact oversold) on both nights, and a lot of fun was had by all. There are pictures and a review on the web site. Here’s a bit from the review:

Jim Finnis putting his wealth of talent in good-humoured roles to great use and proving, in the role of Colin, a reluctant heart-throb for schoolgirls Linda and Jackie, played by Sarah Mair Gates and Norma Izon respectively, both of whom played their parts with voluptuous flair and northern sharpness. Matt Fullwood played the bad-tempered headmistress’ lackey Mr. Briggs with a great variation of texture, humour and tone, while Lauren Hodgkins showed similar depth of characterisation as Susan, particularly in a riotous mock-seduction scene with schoolboy Reilly, played with handsome cockiness by Dan Frost. All of the above, as well as other characters, were given a beautifully laconic support by Stephanie Gunner and Catrin Fflûr Huws’ Bored Girls, whose downbeat attitudes were hilarious from start to end.

So that’s good notices for just about everyone. He goes on:

Special mention should be made of Lindsay Blumfield, who as Carol – the backstreet girl with longings and dreams – gave the most heart-wrenching, beautifully nuanced performance, particularly in her latter scenes, helping to capture the shifts in mood that make this laugh-out-loud comedy much more than just that.

which is spot-on, it’s one of the best things I’ve seen Lindsay do. For some reason, though, there’s no mention of Lizzie’s Mrs Kay, which is criminal.

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