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One of my favourite words is now in the OED: wibble. As you probably don’t have a subscription, here’s a quote:

wibble, v. […] 2. intr. Brit. slang. To speak or write, especially at great length, without saying anything important; to witter or waffle; to talk drivel. Freq. with on. Also trans. with direct speech as object.

[1989 R. CURTIS & B. ELTON “Blackadder goes Forth” in R. Curtis et al. “Black-Adder” (1998) Blackadder. We tell HQ that I have gone insane and I will be invalided back to Blighty before you can say “wibble”, a poor gormless idiot… Go on, ask me some simple questions. Baldrick. What is your name? Blackadder. Wibble.] 1994 Independent 5 Apr. 24/3 There’s a pause [in the game] while an ancient sage with a racoon on his chin wibbles on about the impossibility of screens to come..and then it’s back for an even more hellish melée with faster, larger and trickier opponents. 1996 Ikon Jan.-Feb. 42/1 “I am a licence fee-funded radio station..” wibbles Matthew Bannister, the controller who killed Smashie and Nicey and deliberately lost Radio 1 five million listeners. 1999 S. STEWART Sharking xi. 185 “It used to be the same down the Ministry”, I wibbled.

All we need now is bimble.

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