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“Were they sane, they could not understand their programs.”

To offer a third analogy, a folk definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and to expect the results to be different. By this definition, we in fact require that programmers of multithreaded systems be insane. Were they sane, they could not understand their programs.

Linked from the SQLite FAQ, this wonderful paper on the evil that is multithreaded programming.

Twitter posts for Saturday June 19

  • That was Catrin’s gag. Camus used to play in goal for Algeria, see. (20:48:41)
  • “today football died. Or maybe yesterday. I don’t know.” (20:31:14)

Twitter posts for Thursday June 10

  • Ah, the Ship and Castle (20:18:59)
  • perils of a having a verbal brain: instead of drawing diagrams, I write programs to do it for me. (10:59:51)

Twitter posts for Tuesday June 8

  • Just been playing with an iPad. I begin to see the point – for me, it’s the ease with which you an manipulate a large touchscreen. (13:08:37)

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Twitter posts for Sunday June 6

  • It’s been a hazy sun, beer and cupcakes kind of day. (17:17:40)

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Twitter posts for Sunday May 30

  • Germany doing well, but then (as I’ve said before) … Would. (21:40:10)
  • Hm. Denmark. It’s amazing what an Abbaesque chorus can do. (21:27:34)
  • My wife wants to run Eurovision. She’d be ace, to be honest. (21:25:14)
  • Is she going to play the piano? (21:23:08)
  • Go French granny! (21:17:32)
  • Suits made of wipeclean tablecloths! (21:16:55)
  • Sorry, but this is quite cool. But the uk were crap in that! (21:16:07)
  • Another truck drivers key change. Accompanied with wind machine. (20:51:05)
  • “arranged books?” (20:46:43)
  • Israeli lyrics very surreal… (20:45:54)
  • Now at the stage where I’m just dividing Eurovision singers into “woulds” and “wouldn’ts” (20:42:30)

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