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Photoblogging isn’t working here, I just noticed. In other news, the BBC have a nice article about Godwin’s Law.

Twitter posts for Wednesday July 14

  • Ah, the sweet vanilla smell of custard creams… (17:43:27)

Twitter posts for Monday July 12

  • And back to Aber after an awesome party. So good to see everyone! (08:46:02)

Twitter posts for Sunday July 11

Twitter posts for Saturday July 3

  • TV in hell. (21:43:34)
  • Not only is the iPhone4 reception pants, it also overstates signal strength. (15:05:28)

Twitter posts for Friday July 2

  • blimey, chucking it down out there. Nearly got my lame wet. (21:00:38)

Twitter posts for Thursday July 1

  • 20 ppl trapped in Castell Coch after the drawbridge collapsed.. (16:00:55)

Twitter posts for Tuesday June 29

  • Fiona Shaw, even. There is no Fional Shaw. Probably (googles). Indeed not. (21:43:36)
  • Just seen Dion Boucicault’s London Assurance, live from the National Theatre with Simon Russell Beale and Fional Shaw. Laughed myself hoarse (21:42:29)

Twitter posts for Friday June 25

  • I haven’t listened to #cardiacs Rude Bootleg for.. years. What on earth was wrong with me? (15:03:54)
  • Good grief, Australia’s got a Welsh prime minister. (12:05:20)

Twitter posts for Thursday June 24

  • Sodding hell, they’re still at it – 58 58 now. (20:01:45)
  • Proof that tennis has the Halting Problem: on now – Mahut/Isner, final set, 48 games to 49! (18:51:25)

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