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Bloody OAuth on twitter – the crossposting module for this homebrew system now doesn’t work. Dammit. Not to mention the photoblogging stuff, now that Dreamhost have Done Things to Procmail.

Twitter posts for Sunday August 29

  • Logan’s Run’s on. Oh god, Jenny Agutter’s legs… (17:35:51)

Twitter posts for Saturday August 28

  • Just saw the Globe’s touring outdoor production of the Comedy of Errors. Hilarious farce. Bloody marvellous night out. (21:32:36)

Twitter posts for Thursday August 26

  • That MI6 bloke found dead in London… Catrin was at school with him. Erk. (17:48:56)

Twitter posts for Sunday August 22

  • Bartholomew Fair done and dusted; a tough one but we did well, I think. (23:52:27)

Twitter posts for Sunday August 15

  • Knifefighting this afternoon! (13:58:54)
  • Slaps, punches, knaps, hairpulling. Gouging, strangling, slamming into walls and chairs. Neck breaking, with and without Polo mints. (12:16:01)
  • Right, off to an all day stage fighting course. Should be a laugh. (08:57:43)

Twitter posts for Friday August 13

  • Listening to the Orb’s Adventures Beyond the Underworld for the first time in bloody years. It’s amazing what you find in the CD rack. (12:04:17)

Twitter posts for Friday August 6

Twitter posts for Sunday July 18

  • Reading The Fuller Memorandum. Stross’ explanation of the iphone’s popularity has a lot going for it. (18:35:51)
  • Ensconced in tiny cottage in deepest Cornwall. You’ll never find us, and we’ve got all the gin. (15:58:41)
  • Plymouth Gin distillery. Best g&t I’ve ever had. (12:46:42)
  • Plymouth is full of Russian sailors. How times change. (10:17:41)

Twitter posts for Friday July 16

  • In Welsh, July is “Gorffenaf”, “Summers-end”. They got that right. (07:21:22)

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