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Well, movies I’ve seen recently. I’m putting this here more for my benefit that anyone else’s – I have a memory like a, oh you know, round thing with holes in it, and I use the Internet to remember things for me.

  • Metropolis : bloody awesome. And very, very deep. Even if it does beat you over the head with the moral – and it’s a disturbingly cryptofascist moral (given where von Harbou later took it.)
  • M : made just four years later by Lang, it’s remarkable how far the technology of filmmaking had advanced. Anyway. It’s an astonishing film, mainly because of Peter Lorre’s sympathetic portrayal of a child murderer. His impassioned speech at the end is one of the most remarkable pieces of acting I’ve ever seen: “Ich muß – ich will nicht – ich muß – ich WILL NICHT!”
  • Tron Legacy : oh dearie, dearie me. The conceit of computer programs going to a night club in their idle time somehow worked in 1982, somehow it doesn’t now. More seriously, we’re all used to photorealistic CGI now, and when the virtual world is photorealistic, it doesn’t look… well, virtual any more. And I’m not even going to mention what was laughably called a plot. Still, pretty I suppose. And Michael Sheen was obviously enjoying himself.
  • It Happened One Night : a lovely, lovely screwball comedy from 1934 with Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable. So good to see it on the big screen. Beautifully acted with a light touch, and incredibly well shot. And Claudette – definitely. Until her legs fell off.
  • Monsters – interesting low budget scifi from auteur Gareth Edwards about a couple trying to make their way across an  northern Mexico infected with alien creatures. Some nice character work, good effects (for the budget) but a few problems with the pacing. Tries too hard to be understated. But I suspect it might stay with me.
  • Skeletons – I’ll go on about again, because it was awesome. Inception, done as a low-budget British comedy. Just bloody wonderful, see it if you can get hold of a copy.

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